Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Update

First things first, the interview went fairly well. I felt good about it after I left even though at the very end I got choked up. I guess this whole process has been tougher on me than I thought. I am hoping the two women interviewing me didn't notice. I want to be finished with school so badly and to think that I have two more years left and that I actually have to be accepted is quite daunting. I will get the letter in the mail around July 17.

The rest of the weekend was great! I took the day off on Friday for the interview so that afternoon I started painting the guestroom. Then woke up nice and early on Saturday to finish it because we were having company stay with us on Saturday night.

Our friends arrived around 7:00 and they brought their little girl who is 1.5 with them. They have all stayed with us several times now and each time she is more adorable. She was running around and playing with the dogs. It really made my heartache for a little one. After she went to sleep we got started on dinner, which was fantastic if I may say so. We grilled steaks and squash, boiled corn on the cob, and had some rolls. Yum.

On Sunday we all went to the zoo! It was cool outside so the animals were all out. We actually live close enough to walk so we have been on many occasions but we have never seen the animals as active as they were on this particular day. For the evening they took their little one to stay with some relatives and us adults went to the NIN and Janes Addiction concert.

That was a good time! I am not really a fan of either of the bands, I think I was too young for that craze. There was so much energy and everyone was really enjoying it. I also got my picture taken with Saul Williams, who came out on stage to sing with NIN for a few songs. When he was finished he came out into the audience and was standing right next to us. I will have to post pictures later.

I had a great weekend and I am really feeling the effects today.

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