Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stone Mountain Pictures

As promised, here are the pictures from our hiking trip.

This is Stone Mountain

Monday, July 20, 2009

Week 8, Our Weekend, and Some Great News!

I really do have other things I need to post about but barely have the energy to post about anything so this is all you get today.

I am now in Week 8 and that is amazing in itself but really there isn't much news to post about this week. Besides being just extremely tired I feel pretty good. T-Bone is now the size of a kidney bean or a little bigger than a dime. The nose, ears and a mouth are forming. His toes and fingers are also starting to grow also.

The Mister and I were doing really well getting up in the mornings and running before I got pregnant but now we have really been slacking. I need that extra 30 mins in the morning :-) So this weekend we decided to get our butts in gear and get some exercise. We have never been to Stone Mountain (this is a huge granite rock in Georgia that is now a a national park) so thought this would be a great place to go and the weather was beautiful. On Saturday we hiked all the way up the mountain. It was a mile one way - this may sound easy but this was a steep climb, a very steep climb. It was quite beautiful up on the top and the view of downtown Atlanta was amazing. Of course I did take my camera. We enjoyed ourselves so much we got an annual parking pass. Then Sunday came along and we decided we would go back to Stone Mountain and do one of the actual trails. The one trail we did was 3/4 of a mile and then we did part of a 5 mile trail also but not exactly sure how much of this one. Dusty and Dakota got to go on this trip with us! I did get some pictures on Sunday and will have to post those once I get them on the computer.

So we had a pretty good weekend and it was good that I got some exercise. I haven't gained any weight yet even though I can definitely see a difference in my stomach. My pants are also feeling tighter.

Okay one more thing - I guess I have decided to put everything in this post (keep having to add to the title) :-)

So in May I had to do an interview, application and essay to get accepted into the College of Education for my Early Childhood Education degree. Well on Thursday I got my Acceptance Letter!! It is such a huge relief and I am just so excited to start in August! It is going to be a busy two years for me but I am looking forward to all of it, well besides the tests I will have in my classes.

Okay that's all. And I promise to do my award post by the end of the week. I already know the first one ;-)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7 weeks and 1st Appointment

Sorry that my posts have become a rare weekly occurrence. I was even given an award from the wonderful pinkflipflops. I really need to post my thread for that. But my excuses are that I have been extremely busy with school. This is my last week for the summer classes and next week are finals so of course everything has been due this week.

But the news I am really excited about sharing is about our little T-Bone! He is now 7w4d is perfect! Today we had our first appointment and ultrasound. I am really going to like the Dr except I may have to get use to being there for many hours at a 3-4. Yes the disadvantage of going to a one-man office is that since he sees all his patients he can get a little behind. While we were there a pregnant lady came in with an emergency. They actually ended up admitting her into the hospital. So you can't really be that upset about waiting. It's nice to know that if it were you that you would be taken care of.

The first thing was to have a pregnancy test done and thankfully I wasn't imagining things and I am actually pregnant. Then they took 4 vials of blood...ugh! We met with a med student first who took just some basic information. Then we were finally able to visit with the Dr. I really didn't have many questions so we got on to the fun things. I had an audience for the exam. The mister was there, the Dr, and then 3 med students. They of course asked if I was okay with it and I had no problem with it. I found out that I am hyper-reflexive...they seemed pretty impressed by this :)

Sorry to bore you with those details...just don't want to forget anything. Now to the fun part...the ultrasound. First we saw my very full bladder, thanks Doc for pushing so hard on my stomach during the exam :) Then the yolk sac appeared and I saw no baby so I think my heart stopped for a moment, but then there it was. Right away you could see the heartbeat just flickering away! It was the most amazing thing ever! T-Bone was looking right at us so you can see the little black spots where the eyes are. T-Bone is also right on target for the the due date of Feb 27, 2010...which is the date I had already figured. Of course this doesn't mean a whole lot.

After the appointment the Mister and I grabbed some lunch and then dropped him back off at work. My boss was nice and gave me the rest of the day off or I guess I really only had an hour and a half left of my work day if I had gone back. But that was still nice of him.

So not what you have all been waiting for...the beautiful T-Bone! Just to help direct you in what you are looking at...the baby is on the right and the head is on top. T-Bone is looking right at you so those little black spots on the head are his eyes.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July Festivities and 6 Weeks!

I was going to do two different posts but I just have the energy to do one. I didn't really understand this whole idea of fatigue during the 1T but let me tell you, I do know. I feel like I could constantly take a nap. Of course there is no time for that and I am afraid that if I go to bed right now I will be up at 3:00am. Because besides being extremely tired I am not sleeping very well. However I am so grateful to be pregnant that I will take exhaustion any day.

Sunday we hit the 6 week mark! We are half way through the 1T! I can't wait to be past this stage, mostly because the chances of miscarriage diminish by a ton once you are in 2T. Little T-Bone has tripled in size and is now as big as a pea. He has eyes now and is growing his other facial features like a nose. Yes I am calling TBone a he, this is just a gut feeling I have and of course may mean nothing but I am going with it for now. The Mister of course is praying that TBone is a boy. His mom on the other hand, refers to the baby as a she. Besides being tired I am also constipated, have lots of gas and feel like I could throw up at certain times during the day. Sorry if that was a little TMI. Other than all of that I am feeling great...appreciate every day that I am pregnant!

We had a wonderful 4th of July also! We left on Thursday night for Florida and came back on Monday. It was a great break and I was able to get in lots of naps! It was very hot so we didn't do a whole lot, mostly spent all of our time in the pool. Unfortunately when we got back I had a paper that was due today and of course I hadn't started on.

This is all I have for tonight! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend too!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Really....A Baby?!?!?!

I can't believe it! Just when you least expect it and start to think it is going to be a long road, you wind up pregnant. Okay I understand this doesn't happen for everyone. However this month it did happen...for us!!

That's right...we are expecting!! I really apologize for going missing but I didn't want to post anything else besides this and I had to wait until at least tell my family knew before I could tell the internet world. The Mister and I are so excited...and shocked!! But mostly just excited! I am 5 weeks and 4 days. I know it's early but I want to remember every moment!

We found out two Saturdays ago, the day before Father's Day! I wasn't expecting to see a positive come up on the stick but thought I better test anyways because we were going to the lake and auntflo still hadn't shown up. The Mister actually went to the store and bought the pregnancy test for me so I could finish getting our stuff together for the lake. We both just stood there in disbelief. Especially the Mister...he kept saying we needed to wait the full two minutes because what if it wasn't right. I said you don't get a positive and then it disappear but he had to be certain. So we waited and then finally he looked at me and said "You're Pregnant!"

We told his parents on Father's Day when they came down to visit. Then I sent my parents and grandparents cards and a poem. Everyone is really excited. I still don't believe it most days but it is sinking in a little more each day. Especially now that I am constipated, a little nauseous (started today), and extremely tired. Sounds great doesn't it...well actually it helps me know that the little bean is snuggling in for awhile.

So right now at 5 weeks, the baby is no bigger than a raisin, has a heartbeat and the vocal cords are forming! Pretty amazing!

Well I don't want to completely bore you with all of this so I will save the rest for later.