Wednesday, November 25, 2009


First I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!

Since I haven't posted in, oh.I don't know.forever, I thought I would do a quick updated of randomness.

1. I finished my Kindergarten placement last week and it was so sad to leave those kids. I really just loved everything about that experience. And for my last day my class threw me a surprise baby shower! The kids had all gotten me something. It was so sweet!

2. I am almost done with the semester!!!!! Unfortunately this means that I also have about 4 projects that I have to complete. 3 of which are due on Monday! Procrastinate much?

3. I am 26weeks right now and only one more week before I am in the 3rd Trimester!

4. Yesterday I did something I was sure I would not do during this pregnancy. I had a freak out and called the Dr, which lead to me having to go and be checked. The short version is me thinking I was leaking amniotic fluid when in actuality I just need to empty my bladder more often. No this does not mean that I wet my pants, but my dear husband would tell you otherwise. Thankfully Logan and I are both just fine.

5. We have also ordered the rocker for the nursery. This is our Christmas gift from my parents and I am so excited about getting it and have it set up in the nursery!

6. My grandparents also sent us the cradle we are going to use. It's the same cradle I used when I was a baby.

(I post pictures of both the cradle and the rocker on another post once we receive the rocker)

7. For Thanksgiving we will be spending the morning with some of the Mister's family and then driving down to Auburn to spend the rest of the day with some more of his family. We will stay in Auburn and tailgate for the Auburn v. Alabama game and then we will head home to watch the game here. The rest of the weekend will be spent finishing these projects.

The Mister and I have so much to be thankful for this year and I hope you all have lots to be thankful for too.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One More Appointment Done

Unfortunately this post will have no pictures of my beautiful boy. Although I did get to see him and his wonderful, little heartbeat, the Dr. had other things on his mind (like the woman who was in labor at 34 weeks) and did not print out a picture. That's okay though, I was just glad to get a glimpse of my little man.

My appointment went pretty well as it can go when I have to give blood. I had the glucose test to do and I must say I thought the fruit punch (the flavor I had) actually was really not that bad especially if you like kool-aid. For those of you who don't know...I had to drink this in 5 mins and then an hour later they take your blood to see how you react to the sugar. If you fail it means that you could have gestational diabetes. If you fail the first test then you have to do a 3 hour sugar test. I was really hoping to pass with flying colors and not being a big sweets eater I thought I would. I found out when I got there it was only going to be a finger prick...this was even better! However with the blood from the finger prick I failed the test. Normal is 135 or lower and I was at 145. The nurse then said well we can take some blood from your arm because it is usually lower, ugh this is not what I wanted to hear. I am glad they did though because the number went down to 125! No gestational diabetes for this gal :)

However I did leave with all good news. My iron levels are a little low so they want me to start taking an iron supplement. For iron I should be at 35 or higher and at my first appointment I was at a 39. Now I am at a 32, which is quite a drop. I do know that I am not eating as much red meat as before. It just doesn't taste as good and this is odd for me who has always been know as a meat eater. I don't eat many vegetables and I don't like any fruit so I would say I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl but not since I've been pregnant. I guess I need to start adding some back into my diet. Other than that the appointment was good and I was out of there in record time.

For a little note on Logan :) The Dr. said he is no longer breech so he is hanging out upside down and I hope he stays that way. I don't want to worry about going into labor and him being in the wrong position. He is getting much stronger and is quite active at night. I can actually see my belly move with the kicks. Each kick is very reassuring except now it freaks me out a little on the days he is more quiet but I know he is just getting plenty of rest.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Quick Update on the Nursery

We finished painting the nursery over the weekend! I am really happy with the way it turned out. Now of course there are some finishing touches, such as the rest of the furniture and it will look fantastic.

I have another appointment tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day I have to do the glucose test. Hopefully it comes back normal. I will post tomorrow with an update and new photos of Logan!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

H1N1...You've Been On My Mind

Tomorrow I am getting the vaccine. I had been completely against getting it. I did not want to risk being a guinea pig for a vaccine that has still yet to be tested on pregnant women. Sure we are at the highest risk and sure they say it's safe but what can you trust. I also felt that the media was putting a lot of hype into the severity of the flu. However after having three kids in the kindergarten class be out for several weeks because they had the H1N1 flu and there being continued reports of pregnant women dying because of it I have decided getting the vaccine is worth the peace of mind that TBone and I will both be "safe". I would say this has been the most challenging and biggest decision I have made so far for the safety of my son and I pray that I am making the best decision for him and I.

Catch Up!

I am at 23 weeks now and I am pretty sure TBone is going through another growth spurt. I took belly pictures on Sunday and I am pretty sure I am already much bigger today than I was on Sunday. I also have had no energy this week which could either be the growth spurt or the time change...not sure actually.

The Mister and I had a fun weekend. We spent Friday night and pretty much all day Saturday in Auburn. We had the football game on Saturday morning to go to. It was my first game for the year (the Mister went to the Tenn/AU in Knoxville). We were not expecting to see an Auburn win but still looking forward to the tailgating and the game. Well those Auburn boys played their hearts out and pulled off a great win! It was such an exciting game with no stop action. The weather was decent but did sprinkle on us a couple of big deal though.

Yesterday my bosses neighbor who is moving invited me over to go through their baby things that they are getting rid of to see if I wanted anything. He said anything and everything was up for grabs and if I didn't take it then it was going to someone else or would be tossed by Saturday. So we loaded my car up with tons of boxes. Mostly clothes (from newborn to 12 months) but he also gave me two Baby Bjorn carriers and I was pleasantly surprised last night when going through the boxes and found a breast pump. Well at first I wasn't too excited b/c most pumps aren't meant to be used by multiple users but then I noticed it was a Medela Symphony which is one that is actually okay for multiple users and is actually a really great and expensive pump. However it is missing a very important part, the motor. So I called him today about it and he at first was thinking I didn't want it and was telling me I could just toss it or donate it. I was like oh no I would love to use it except it's missing the motor. He is looking for it...fingers crossed he finds it.

This weekend the Mister and I are going to finish painting in the nursery. That will be nice to be finished with; however I think after that I want to paint our master bath :) We'll see though.