Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Catch Up!

I am at 23 weeks now and I am pretty sure TBone is going through another growth spurt. I took belly pictures on Sunday and I am pretty sure I am already much bigger today than I was on Sunday. I also have had no energy this week which could either be the growth spurt or the time change...not sure actually.

The Mister and I had a fun weekend. We spent Friday night and pretty much all day Saturday in Auburn. We had the football game on Saturday morning to go to. It was my first game for the year (the Mister went to the Tenn/AU in Knoxville). We were not expecting to see an Auburn win but still looking forward to the tailgating and the game. Well those Auburn boys played their hearts out and pulled off a great win! It was such an exciting game with no stop action. The weather was decent but did sprinkle on us a couple of big deal though.

Yesterday my bosses neighbor who is moving invited me over to go through their baby things that they are getting rid of to see if I wanted anything. He said anything and everything was up for grabs and if I didn't take it then it was going to someone else or would be tossed by Saturday. So we loaded my car up with tons of boxes. Mostly clothes (from newborn to 12 months) but he also gave me two Baby Bjorn carriers and I was pleasantly surprised last night when going through the boxes and found a breast pump. Well at first I wasn't too excited b/c most pumps aren't meant to be used by multiple users but then I noticed it was a Medela Symphony which is one that is actually okay for multiple users and is actually a really great and expensive pump. However it is missing a very important part, the motor. So I called him today about it and he at first was thinking I didn't want it and was telling me I could just toss it or donate it. I was like oh no I would love to use it except it's missing the motor. He is looking for it...fingers crossed he finds it.

This weekend the Mister and I are going to finish painting in the nursery. That will be nice to be finished with; however I think after that I want to paint our master bath :) We'll see though.


Janelle said...

Score! You should be able to purchse a new motor through medela if he can't find it.

Fine For Now said...

That's awesome! How fun to get all that stuff for free!