Wednesday, November 4, 2009

H1N1...You've Been On My Mind

Tomorrow I am getting the vaccine. I had been completely against getting it. I did not want to risk being a guinea pig for a vaccine that has still yet to be tested on pregnant women. Sure we are at the highest risk and sure they say it's safe but what can you trust. I also felt that the media was putting a lot of hype into the severity of the flu. However after having three kids in the kindergarten class be out for several weeks because they had the H1N1 flu and there being continued reports of pregnant women dying because of it I have decided getting the vaccine is worth the peace of mind that TBone and I will both be "safe". I would say this has been the most challenging and biggest decision I have made so far for the safety of my son and I pray that I am making the best decision for him and I.


Ruby said...

It was a really hard decision for me too but I went ahead with it last weekend. Too many people at work getting sick and with my clientele population, its too risky. I guess the hard decisions as parents start even before the baby gets here!

Anonymous said...

I will be getting it as well. The Army is forcing DH to get it, and it will be available to family members. My midwife encouraged me to get it

Fine For Now said...

I was exactly the same, but decided to go ahead and get it this past Monday. I still need to go get the regular flu shot too.