Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Updates, Updates, and More Updates

I don't really even know where to begin since I, of course again, have been slacking on keeping up with my blog.

As a glance over at the countdown for TBone's arrival it informs me we have just 30 DAYS left, yes that's 30 DAYS!!! Wow, I just can't believe that is all the time we have left...give or take a few. 30 days, that's a month! Thankfully I think we are as ready as we can be for the little guy to arrive. And since my last post I have had two Dr's appointments and everything still looks great. Logan makes sure he reminds me he is still here with all of his movements, which is a great reassurance. Sometimes a little uncomfortable but I will take it. I just think it is so amazing and I actually love sharing it with anyone who is around when he does start moving :) The movements are usually large enough that they can see it, so no I am not having all these random people touching my stomach.

I am still feeling pretty comfortable and although I am ready to meet him, I am not ready to get him out. I could use some more sleep but it could be worse. And some nights are worse than others. I have resigned to the couch a few times in the last couple of weeks, it's easier to stay inclined on the couch and the acid reflux demands it some nights.

We have also had two baby showers! The first one was a couples shower on Jan 9th in Chattanooga. We had a great time and we received wonderful gifts and it was just nice seeing those we hadn't seen in awhile. The other shower was at the Mister's office on Jan 18th. It was a little awkward for me since I had only meet most of the people there once but we had a nice time and it was really thoughtful of them to have a shower for us. Again we got some great gifts and one of the girls made an awesome 3 tier cake for us which was really nice of her. One of these days, not promising when, I will have a post of just pictures since I really want to get some pictures up of all the activities and fun we have had lately.

I have also started classes again. I have three traditional classes and then two days when I am in a 1st grade class. This is just my second week in the 1st grade class but so far so good. It is definitely a different experience from my Kindergarten school but I am looking forward to having some different opportunities. It is going to be a crazy semester but the Mister and I are very thankful to have our families available to help during the time I go back to school. My plans are to have Logan and then return back to classes after taking 3 weeks off. I get some crazy looks when I tell people this, but I was assured by a professor, that they had someone do it last semester and took off the same amount of time and was able to do it.

The Mister and I also had a birth class on Saturday and it was so helpful and I still am not too anxious about labor/delivery. The class provided breathing techniques, positions, and some other great tips for having an unmedicated birth. The Mister is a little nervous about how much support he will be but I think once he is there in the moment he will have no problem stepping up and being a great birth coach/partner.

I know I am missing things that I wanted to talk about but I am at a loss as to what those things were so I am going to leave you now with my most recent belly picture. Which is another thing I have been slacking on, I was doing so good get a picture taken every week and well I missed some weeks in there...oops.

Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year and A New Decade

I hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Year's Eve. This pregnant lady actually managed to stay up until 2:00am! I know I can't believe it myself. We had four very great friends come spend the evening with us and we all had such a good time. The fellas went to the Chick fil a Bowl and us girls stayed at our house playing dominoes and catching up. When the guys got back we had a very small fireworks display in our backyard to bring in the New Year.

I thought it would be fun to do a recap of the decade instead of the year because I really can't believe where I started at and where I am in such a short amount of time...well it sure feels like a short amount of time anyway.

So lets begin....

2000 - I was just a Junior in high school, spending my summer lifeguarding and my spring and winter cheerleading.
2001 - Graduation! Moving out on my own and starting my first year at Fort.Hays.State in Kansas.
2002 - One year down and starting my next while thinking Marketing is the way to go.
2003 - Finished my sophomore year and decide I need a change of scenery for the summer. Become a live-in nanny for a family in Chattanooga. To get to Chattanooga I take my first trip on a major jet. Meet my future husband and by the end of the summer I have decided to not go back to Kansas and stay in Chattanooga. A year of many first because it is also the first time I step foot on the beach.
2004 - The Mister and I adopt two dogs, Dusty and Dakota and buy our first house together. I have gone back to school to get my Associates. In December the Mister proposes on top of the Empire State Building.
2005 - August we are married and spend our honeymoon in Jamaica!
2006 - Graduate with my Associates in Paralegal Studies and begin working as a Paralegal at a law firm. I love finally having a 9-5 job and can't fathom the idea of ever going back to school. We spend our first anniversary in San Fransisco. The Mister's grandfather also passes away this year.
2007 - The Mister and I make a big move...we pack up our house and move to Atlanta. I am working in a law firm and not loving it. Second anniversary is in Nashville.
2008 - Not one for the memory books. I decide the corporate/legal world is not for me and yes I go back to school for my Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education. The Mister loses both grandmothers and his best friend, Foster, a 15yr old Australian Shepard and on top of that is laid off but fortunately is picked up quickly by another company. We decide for the third anniversary we would spend it in Atlanta. However for the Mister's 35th his parents take us all to DisneyWorld, the highlight!
2009 - Although a bad year for the economy, the Mister and I feel like it's been one of our best. The Mister gets a job offer he can't refuse doing what he has always wanted to do. I am loving my classes and looking forward to being a teacher. And the best part...Father's Day weekend when we found out we are expecting! Spend the fourth anniversary in Charleston.

I am looking forward to 2010 and the next ten years. I have so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to especially in the next couple of months and I am sure the next ten years will bring about just as much change as the last ten and I can't wait.

Christmas Blizzard

Happy New Year! but before I get to all of that I thought I should at least do a post on our Christmas...and only a week late.

For the last 5 or 6 Christmases the Mister and I have switched back and forth between staying home and traveling to Kansas to see my family. This year was a Kansas year and I was really looking forward to it, mostly because I would get to spend several days with my 6 month old niece and share in her first Christmas celebration.

The years this occur we have an early Christmas with the Mister's family. This happened on the 20th and although small it's always a good time. This was at his parents house who have recently moved about 3 mins from us! His brother was there with his soon to be Mrs and she had her niece and nephew, which was fun to have some younger ones running around and keeping us entertained. I am grateful that we can do an early Christmas and although it is a little different than having it actually on Christmas it is still such a blessing to spend the time together.

Now the weather for Christmas was not looking promising for the plain states and they were calling for a blizzard throughout all of Kansas. My dad was very concerned we would not be making it out there but I remained hopeful. Our flight was set to leave on Christmas Eve morning and was landing in Wichita. That morning the first thing I did was check the weather and things were looking good. Our flight took off and landed without any trouble, no snow in sight. However before we even got out of the airport the snow and the wind had picked up. My mom picked us up and we were on our way to Salina (where my dad's parents live). We planned to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in Salina with my dad's side. My brother who lives in Wichita also left for Salina. My parents had had my niece for the week so she was already in Salina with my dad and grandparents. By the time we got there the snow had stopped and things were looking pretty good. Well...for us anyways. The rest of Kansas was getting hit pretty hard. My two uncles and my cousins we all coming in from Kansas City, well this did not happen. Many of the main roads were closed and one uncle was completely snowed in and stuck.

So Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with my dad's side was very low key but nice. Now the day after Christmas our plan was to have Christmas with my mom's side at her parents' house. Well as you can imagine they too had so much snow they didn't want anyone making the trip and possibly getting stuck or worse. So Christmas with my mom's side was canceled. Salina quickly became our home away from home for the weekend. It was nice and I know my grandparents loved to have the extra time with us. And usually our trips to Kansas during the holidays means spending numerous hours in the car driving from place to place so it was nice we didn't have that but I do hate that we didn't get to see my aunts, uncles, cousins and their little ones.

I am very thankful that the blizzard didn't keep us from getting to Kansas and I am very thankful we all remained safe; however the Blizzard of 2009 (which will now be referred as) really put a kink in our Christmas plans. I did have a blast spending two days with my niece and I have some great pictures I will post (hopefully before the next week passes).