Friday, May 29, 2009


I did it...I stood on the stupid scale today and let me tell you it was not pretty. I am now about 20 lbs over weight. I am going to lay it out here and maybe my blog (readers) will keep me accountable.

I am in shape...but not the shape I want to be. I am now ROUND! How did this happen? No it is not the bag of popcorn I eat can't be. The probably is my job...this damn job. My boss is so nice he takes us out to lunch EVERY day. Every day I am eating fried, fatty, greasy, rarely good for you food and lots of it. I have no control. I know when I get there I should order the salad, just order the salad. No instead I order the bacon cheese burger with fries and soda. It also doesn't help that I am completely sedentary all day.

Well I have to do something about this. I have always wanted to be one of those people you see out running. I have the schedule - it's an 8 week plan to get me running at a constant pace for 30 mins (2 miles). I can do this, I know I can do this. It's only 30 mins and it's not even every day. I realize that this is just a number and I wouldn't care so much about the number if I wasn't so ROUND. So tomorrow morning I will begin the journey of getting back to the correct shape.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

100 Things

Since I have been posting for...oh some time now (really not that long) I thought I would at least let you all (how many - maybe 1 or 2 of you) know a little bit about me. So here are 100 random things about me.

1. I lived in Kansas for 19 years of my life
2. My favorite color is green
3. My first car was a 1979 Chevy Caprice that I called the Yellow Submarine
4. The town I grew up in had a population of almost 5,000
5. I played the violin for 9 years
6. My favorite flower (right now) are peonies
7. I was a cheerleader in high school
8. I tried track but I enjoyed talking to the boys more than I liked to run
9. The first time I flew in a large jet was when I was 20
10. I had a friend who flew small planes in high school and I did fly in that before I was 20
11. I am pretty good at water skiing
12. I am a Pisces - I claim that this is why I love the water
13. I don't like fruit
14. I will drink OJ though as long as it's pulp free
15. I met my husband on a blind date
16. I was a nanny in Chattanooga, TN when I met my husband
17. I have been a student at 4 different colleges
18. I was a Paralegal for 2 years
19. I don't regret two years of my life but if I could do things differently I would
20. I have worn glasses since the 3rd grade
21. My eyes will probably fall out one day because I rarely take my contacts out
22. I love to sleep and would rather go to bed early than sleep in
23. I don't really like desserts besides ice cream
24. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough is my favorite
25. I do make some really good peanut butter cookies too
26. I crave salty things popcorn
27. Chicago is one of my favorite cities
28. I spent a week in the hospital when I was in 6th grade
29. I have never had a broken bone
30. I have a younger brother named Kyle
31. He is about to have a baby...well he's not going to have the baby
32. I will have a niece in July
33. 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays
34. I like to sleep on the side of the bed farthest away from the door
35. I love to sing in the car
36. I know almost any song that plays on the radio
37. I love thunderstorms
38. The day of our wedding there was a huge thunderstorm with hail and no power
39. We had an outside wedding
40. Everything was perfect though by the time the wedding started
41. We went to Jamaica for the honeymoon
42. My middle name is Lynn, same as my mother's
43. I don't like driving with other people in the car
44. I love black olives and will put one on each finger to eat them
45. I am kind of a dork
46. I make up songs about our pets, okay about anything
47. I break out in song daily
48. My first job was working as a carhop at Sonic
49. Sonic is still my favorite fast food restaurant
50. Being a lifeguard was my favorite job growing up
51. I love tea, but can't stand sweet tea
52. I took a year of Spanish in high school and two semesters in college and I remember nothing...nada
53. I am constantly worried about my brother and hate that we live so far apart
54. My mom used to perm my hair when I was little, it was terrible
55. I went through a very ugly, awkward stage
56. I am not allergic to anything...that I know of
57. However I was bitten by a fire ant once and my foot swelled up to the size of a small balloon
58. I am terrified of spiders
59. We had our dog Foster in our wedding, he was one of the ring bears
60. I used to be very particular about my food touching on my plate
61. I still am a little bit
62. I am not very good about keeping in contact with my friends
63. I really hate talking on the telephone
64. Thank goodness for facebook, otherwise I would probably never talk to them
65. My idea of the perfect night is no longer about going out and getting wasted
66. I love to it
67. My husband does not like to dance
68. I can't wait to be mom
69. I am constantly bouncing my legs up and down, this really annoys some people
70. I really enjoy football...watching of course, not playing
71. My favorite team is the Dallas Cowboys and I heart Tony Romo right now
72. I love buying things for my house
73. I hate shopping for myself, especially in the last year or so since I have put on about 10 extra pounds, ugh
74. I do love to buy shoes and purses though
75. My two dogs and my cat make me smile daily
76. So does my husband
77. I voted for Obama
78. I am one of the few who does not vote in line with their parents
79. I love everyone though
80. Okay maybe not everyone
81. Can you tell that I am beginning to run out of things
82. I love to mow the grass...really I do
83. I actually love yard work
84. I do not like to clean out gutters...I am glad this only happens twice a year
85. My favorite drink at starbucks is a Venti No Fat Chi Tea Latte
86. I want to own a coffee shop but I do not drink coffee
87. I also would love to open a flower shop and I do like flowers
88. These both will have to wait until I have at least taught for 20 years
89. I am really excited about being a teacher
90. I wish I could have met my mom's dad, he passed away when she was 19
91. I am lucky enough to have 4 wonderful grandparents though (grandma got remarried)
92. And to have known (and remember) 5 great grandparents
93. I have a Wii Fit; however I think for it to work you actually have to use it
94. We have a bat box in our backyard to help attract bats...of course
95. I am not a hippie but I do try to do my part
96. We use rain barrels to water our plants, we carpool and take public transportation
97. I am also very excited about using cloth diapers on my babies
98. When I was little I once got in a dog house and was attacked by a swarm of wasps
99. I won 1st place in a golf was only five holes but I am still proud
100. I have been in one major car accident (I was not at fault), I was driving on a highway (so going pretty fast - maybe 65 or so) and another car came to a stop sign but didn't stop I had to swerve to miss them and they hit my passenger side door, totaled my car - it could have been a lot worse because thankfully no one was injured.

Well there you have it my 100 things about me.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost Day Off

That's what I am calling today and almost day off from work. Yes besides just being an old college student I do hold down a job, not a hard job and not a job where I get paid very well but it is a job. I am an Admin/Office Manager for a 4 man IT company. This job is's pretty easy but I do stay busy most days. Today and tomorrow the guys are gone. They are driving down to FL to set up one of the new guys we just brought on down there. Yes this 4 man gig has offices even in FL, I am not sure how they do it.

Well I love it when I have the office to myself. I will spend almost the entire day surfing the internet. I wouldn't love my job if this was an every day occurrence b/c there is only so much I am interested in on this vast internet, but a day every now and then is perfect. So even though I still have to be at the office (actually in my bosses house, so I can even get some tv watching in) I wouldn't really consider what I am doing today or tomorrow as work. However I am still holding things down and every now and then taking care of some business but mostly this is my almost day off! Perfect!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I love it! Some people have to have coffee every morning or a coke everyday...for me it's popcorn. I eat a bag of popcorn almost every night. It is really rare for me not to have popcorn at night while hanging out with my husband and watching some tv. My mom asked me the other day what I would choose to eat if I could eat only one thing for two weeks...popcorn, no doubt about it.

I didn't have time this weekend to put together our dinner menu for the week so the Mister and I were having a fend for yourselves kind of night. What did I have for dinner...I am sure you can guess...yep it was popcorn. This is not that unusual for me to skip dinner all together and go straight for my evening snack. I actually crave popcorn and I always have. This is something that has been going on for many years, we are talking like 10-15 years now that popcorn has been in my life on a regular bases.

I am not sure why I have decided to discuss my love for popcorn tonight but I have and I am sure most of you will understand because there is something you crave everyday also, so what is you crave on a daily basis?

Monday, May 25, 2009


My parents arrived from on Thursday evening. My mom was here in March but it has been almost 2 years since my dad has been here (the only place he likes to vacation is Vegas :P). It's still a little awkward to have my parents come visit, does that ever go away? I love having them here and getting to see them but it's still kind of nice once they leave even though I do miss them terribly. I just don't feel like myself when they are here and I am constantly having to be on top of my game; I am also just not very good at entertaining.

I do pretty good this trip though. I made sure there were things going on and we had plenty to do. Friday we spent the day at the botanical garden, this was a first for all of us. It was great and the rain stayed away for us. I think my mom really enjoyed herself here and I got some great pictures (will post later). That night we had reservations at South.City.Kitchen, also a first for us. It was delicious!! This will definitely become a regular for the Mister and I. This is one of the most daunting tasks I have to do before my parents come...find a restaurant that is casual and not too expensive but nice and not a chain. It's not that they are picky eaters at all so that isn't the problem, it's the price tag. We live in a metropolitan area and it isn't really cheap if you want to go have a nice, seat down dinner... I am not calling my parents cheap, they are thrifty and I know my dad will be picking up the bill. I think the choice this trip was right on, okay maybe not right on because it wasn't as casual as I was hoping for but I think both of my parents enjoyed it and I would consider the food not cheap but not overly expensive, even though I am sure it is more than they would pay for a meal when they occasionally dine out.

The next day we were able to walk down to the park and enjoy the jazz festival that was being held there. I knew this would be a big hit...great music and great people watching. After about two hours there we had a date with the Braves and again we were lucky with the rain. It did rain but fortunately we were covered so it didn't bother us at all. Sunday was spent mostly relaxing around the house and my dad snuck off and headed back down to the jazz festival for another round of music. The in laws came down for dinner and the Mister made his famous steaks, while I did the corn, squash and zucchini. Today we walked to Oakland.Cemetery to give our respects to the fallen soldiers and to admire the the scenery. It is such a spectacular cemetery and has some amazing history.

They have now left and I am finally able to relax and get back to normal (whatever that is). It was a great visit and I look forward to the next.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Relaxing Vacation

The Mister and I needed to get out of dodge for a was definitely time for a mini vacation, so we headed to the beach, PCB actually.  We are fortunate enough to have a house down there that we can utilize almost any time we want.  It is wonderful!  We left Wednesday night and got home yesterday afternoon.

We spent most of the time out by the pool and a few hours at the beach.  I am not a big reader but I actually got to books in while I was down there.  The weather was beautiful, it really couldn't have been better.  We had good food and found a new place that actually has seating on the water. It always amazed me every time we go down there that not many restaurants actually having seating outside.  They have this amazing view and no one seems to utilize it.  Well we found two new places that actually have seating right there on the bay.  We have yet to try one of them but it will be on the list for the next trip down.

We also managed to put on enough sunscreen this time to keep ourselves from getting to crispy.  This has always been a problem for us.  We forget what time it is and before we know it we are officially burnt.  It usually happens on around the second day which limits our outside time, but not this time!  

It's now back to the grind, but we are looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend!  My parents are coming to visit!  We have a lot planned for them but I will get to that in another post.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

8x8 Wednesday

Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1. Beach Trip This Weekend
2. Friend's Wedding
3. Becoming a Teacher
4. Memorial Day Weekend w/ My Parents
5. Getting an Acceptance Letter in July
6. BB King Concert
7. Graduating in Two Years
8. Becoming an aunt

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1. Worked
2. Grilled Chicken
3. Watered My Flowers
4. Watched the Braves Game on TV
5. Started Packing for the Beach
6. Set Up the Mosquito Magnet
7. Hung Out On the Deck
8. Read A Magazine

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
1. Graduate Early
2. Make More Money
3. Lose The Extra Weight I've Gained
4. Run A Marathon
5. Travel The World
6. See My Family More
7. Surf
8. See My Brother More Often

8 Shows I Watch:
1. Bones
2. House
3. Lost
4. How I Met Your Mother
5. Two And A Half Men
6. The Office
7. 30 Rock
8. Anything on HGTV

8 Favorite Foods:
1. Steak
2. Crab Claws
3. Lasagna
4. Hamburger/Mushroom Pizza
5. Grilled Cheese
6. French Toast
7. Chicken Noodles & Mashed Potatoes
8. Calamari

8 Places I'd Like to Travel:
1. Mexico
2. Bahamas
3. Paris
4. Italy
5. Ireland
6. Hawaii
7. Australia
8. Costa Rica

Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Update

First things first, the interview went fairly well. I felt good about it after I left even though at the very end I got choked up. I guess this whole process has been tougher on me than I thought. I am hoping the two women interviewing me didn't notice. I want to be finished with school so badly and to think that I have two more years left and that I actually have to be accepted is quite daunting. I will get the letter in the mail around July 17.

The rest of the weekend was great! I took the day off on Friday for the interview so that afternoon I started painting the guestroom. Then woke up nice and early on Saturday to finish it because we were having company stay with us on Saturday night.

Our friends arrived around 7:00 and they brought their little girl who is 1.5 with them. They have all stayed with us several times now and each time she is more adorable. She was running around and playing with the dogs. It really made my heartache for a little one. After she went to sleep we got started on dinner, which was fantastic if I may say so. We grilled steaks and squash, boiled corn on the cob, and had some rolls. Yum.

On Sunday we all went to the zoo! It was cool outside so the animals were all out. We actually live close enough to walk so we have been on many occasions but we have never seen the animals as active as they were on this particular day. For the evening they took their little one to stay with some relatives and us adults went to the NIN and Janes Addiction concert.

That was a good time! I am not really a fan of either of the bands, I think I was too young for that craze. There was so much energy and everyone was really enjoying it. I also got my picture taken with Saul Williams, who came out on stage to sing with NIN for a few songs. When he was finished he came out into the audience and was standing right next to us. I will have to post pictures later.

I had a great weekend and I am really feeling the effects today.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Big Interview

This interview could determine my whole life. I received the letter last week from the College of Early Childhood Education and my interview is scheduled for 10:00 tomorrow morning. The interview should only take 20minutes and then I have an essay to write in 45 mins. The essay is the part I am really nervous about; I hate essays. I am terrible at gathering my thoughts in a short amount of time and not being able to right a draft first.

I am also terrified that I am going to be asked about the dreaded "disorderly conduct" that I had to disclose for the background check. Yes I was arrested when I was 19 years old for disorderly conduct, along with 4 other girls. The details or fuzzy but it was very late, drinking was involved, we were leaving a club and there was maybe some fighting happening. Unfortunately I was an innocent bystander and got caught up in the madness. Enough said. While filling out the application for the program I couldn't decide whether to leave it off and hope that it wasn't on my record or just disclose the information in case it was on my record. I am sure it will be brought up and I hate that this is effecting my life so many years later. I plead no contest for the whole thing and had to pay a small fine. I don't want this to be the reason I am not accepted or keeping me from being a teacher. It's ridiculous but unfortunately it could be reality and I am trying not to think about it and trying to stay positive.

Tomorrow I will go in there confident and prepared and pray to God that they like me, my grades are good enough, my past experience is brushed to the side and I write a great essay! I know I am making this more stressful then it has to be. I know that last semester 99 people applied and 96 of them were accepted. So I have a pretty good shot but how terrible would it be to be one of the 3 that didn't make it. I hope I can sleep tonight. I can't screw this up. If I don't get into the program I don't know what I will do with my life. I can't take another semester longer to get out of school. I will have to abandon being a teacher and go be a paper pusher in a law firm.