Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I love popcorn...love it! Some people have to have coffee every morning or a coke everyday...for me it's popcorn. I eat a bag of popcorn almost every night. It is really rare for me not to have popcorn at night while hanging out with my husband and watching some tv. My mom asked me the other day what I would choose to eat if I could eat only one thing for two weeks...popcorn, no doubt about it.

I didn't have time this weekend to put together our dinner menu for the week so the Mister and I were having a fend for yourselves kind of night. What did I have for dinner...I am sure you can guess...yep it was popcorn. This is not that unusual for me to skip dinner all together and go straight for my evening snack. I actually crave popcorn and I always have. This is something that has been going on for many years, we are talking like 10-15 years now that popcorn has been in my life on a regular bases.

I am not sure why I have decided to discuss my love for popcorn tonight but I have and I am sure most of you will understand because there is something you crave everyday also, so what is you crave on a daily basis?

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Iva said...

ahh popcorn really is so good!