Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Our 1st Major Hiccup - Weight

I am with my sweet baby every day and every day you would think I would notice whether or not my baby was gaining weight or not. Of course now that I look back over the last several weeks the signs were there. I didn't notice and I feel awful about it.

While we were in Kansas my parents commented on Logan's weight and that he was looking pretty skinny. So we decided to weigh him with my grandmother's digital scale. The number made my heart drop. He was still the 13lbs. He weighed 13lbs his 2mth appointment. It's the worst feeling when you find out that you have practically been starving your own child. I thought the nursing was going so well. He had all the signs of getting enough to eat except for the part he wasn't gaining weight of course.

The Monday we were home from our trip I called the Pediatrician and got Logan in for an appointment that day. It was confirmed that Logan had in fact not gained any weight and actually had lost some weight. The Pediatrician wasn't going to be able to see me that day and was going to call me to discuss our options. I was so upset about Logan's weight I had started crying and the nurse felt so bad for me she got the Nurse Practitioner in to talk to me. I was so thankful to have a chance to talk with someone and I felt so much better afterwards. We were put on a strict regimen to jump kick the weight gain. Logan was to nurse on each side and he was not allowed to fall asleep until he had nursed on each side really well. Then after he nursed he was to have a 4oz bottle 3-4 times a day. This was to continue for the week until his next checkup on the following Wednesday.

So last Wednesday we went in and he had gained almost a half pound! I was also working on building up my supply. I am taking 4 pills of Fenugreek 3x a day and I also have gotten on a prescription called Reglan, which I will take for 14 days. I have noticed an increase in my supply and have made sure Logan is nursing often. I was also using a nipple shield from the very beginning and I have been working on getting Logan to suck without using the shield and it seems to be helping a lot. We haven't used at all the last couple of days and I really feel like Logan is able to get more milk.

I am so hoping that this all works and I can continue to breastfeed. I feel some of our family doesn't understand how important this is to me and how good this is for Logan. It is the best thing he can have right now. I feel a lot of pressure to give up and give him formula. The Mister and I both agree though that as long as I can we want to continue breastfeeding. It is recommended to breastfeed for the first year and I know that I may not be able to breastfeed for a full year but if we can it's definitely what I want to do.

I am not against formula and he had his first formula bottle just the other day. I have used up my freezer stash so when Pooh and Ogo watched him the other night he had to have formula. I am okay with that but the longer he can have breast milk even better.

Later today we go back to the Pediatrician for his regular 4month checkup so I will update with his 4month stats.

Over the Rainbow

Logan and I made a trip to Kansas. It was time for Logan to meet his great grandparents, uncle and cousin. Logan did so well on the plane. He only had a few moments as we were landing, pretty sure he was having trouble with the pressure. Everyone thought he was adorable and couldn't believe he was only 3mths old b/c he holds his head up so strong and steady.

We had such a good time and Logan was definitely a hit with the grandparents. It was also great to see my neice again. She is such a cutie. So instead of writing a story here are some pictures from the trip. I am pretty sure the Mister was glad to have his son home too.

Logan with Grandma

My adorable niece Kynslee

Logan checking out the wildlife with Grandpa

Logan with Great Grandma

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

3 Month Update

Like every post I am a little behind on getting this posted, but I have finally gotten to it. Logan is such a different baby and I suppose no longer a newborn. We made it through the "4th trimester" without any major hiccups and now have an infant who is happy and yet sometimes rather serious.

So what is Logan up to these days:
  • From my own calculations it appears he is about 15lbs now and 25ins long. Everyone comments about how long he is when they first see him.
  • He fits best in the Carter's onesies for 6-9mths. They are longer and skinnier than most brands. I can't believe that my 3mth old baby is wearing 6-9mth clothes though.
  • He is still nursing like a champ and I am actually starting to think that he may be getting interested in solids. I don't think we will be waiting for the 6mth before starting them.
  • We have no trouble making him smile or get a giggle out of him. He especially loves it when we make funny noises. He is also starting to enjoy peekaboo.
  • However when we are out and about people comment on how serious he looks. I think he is taking it all in and I am sure thinking very hard.
  • He rolls over now constantly from his tummy to his back. He doesn't do it when we have tummy time but if he is awake in his crib he is rolling over. I think it's because he knows tummy time in the crib means sleepy time :)
  • He is still sleeping pretty good at night. We start bath time around 7-7:30, then he nurses and falls asleep and then I can get him in his crib without any fussing. So he is usually in bed by 8:30. Sometimes he gets up from nursing and wants to play for another 10 minutes. He will sleep usually until 4:00-4:30 and on a good night to 5:30. He eats and then goes back to sleep. Lately though he has been waking in the middle of the night and I get up put the paci in his mouth and he is back to sleep in a few minutes. Hopefully this stops soon.
  • He is so strong and sits up with little support from us. We use the bumbo and he does really well in it and also his jump and go that hangs from the doorway. He also loves to stand up.
  • He has gotten pretty mobile too. He will start at one end of his crib and will work himself down to the other end in no time. He gets his legs under him and pushes off. I'm not sure if he is doing it on purpose though.
  • We are still cloth diapering and have been dealing with a slight diaper rash. It doesn't seem to bother him though.
  • He went to his first Braves game on Memorial Day weekend. He did so good. He ended up sleeping from the 2nd inning to about the 6th inning. When he was awake he loved looking around at all the people and was really pretty content.
  • He also met his cousin Sam for the first time this past weekend. Sam is his second cousin who lives in Athens, GA and will be 1 this month.
Now for some pictures.