Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Florida Vacation and Mother's Day

Our week long trip to Florida was wonderful! Logan did pretty good in the car as long as I was sitting in the backseat with him to give him a bottle or keep him entertained. We really didn't do a whole lot on this vacation. It was meant for relaxation and that was accomplished. We did go to the pool 4 days. Logan really enjoyed himself in the water. On Mother's Day we went to dinner and the Mister's parents, who were also in Florida for part of the time we were there, also went to dinner with us. Logan got me a beautiful nursing necklace that he can pull and tug on while he's nursing. It was a wonderful Mother's Day and I am so blessed to have such a great husband and a beautiful, happy and health son!

On this trip we learned just how much we like cloth diapers. We decided to use disposables on the trip and lets just say they didn't hold anything in for us. We went through a lot of clothing changes. Logan also finally started taking a paci. It definitely helps calm him down when he is sleepy and I can now lay him down in his crib and give him the paci and he falls right to sleep, wonderful accomplishment! We also saw him roll over during the trip. Pretty amazing!

So here are some pictures of our trip.

Logan enjoying the pool

He loves to talk and show us that adorable smile

Logan and his daddy having a morning smile and giggle fest

Friday, May 7, 2010

Picture Time

All of Logan's adorable pictures can be seen HERE


Logan with Grandma Clark

2weeks old - newborn pictures

2weeks old - newborn pictures

Home for only a few days

Where has the time gone...

Out the window, that's where. My baby boy is now almost 11wks old! I just can't believe it. We had his 2mth checkup on Monday (just a few weeks late). He is doing so well. Here are my bullet updates:
  • He now weighs 13.3lbs - he wears mostly 6-9mth clothes. He is too long for most 3mth and the cloth diapers do give him a nice big booty.
  • He has been smiling and cooing for weeks now. I love his smile and he loves talking to anyone who will listen.
  • Sleep has been wonderful. Since about 4wks he has been going to bed around 9:00 and gets up somewhere from 4:00-6:30 and then usually falls asleep again until 8:30 or so. There are a few nights every once in a while where it's not as good but for the most part he sleeps great at night.
  • He is not a big napper though, but what do I expect, he gets all of his sleep at night.
  • We are still breastfeeding and I am little concerned my supply can't keep up with him now that I am feeding him during the day.
  • Why is that you ask - b/c I am finished with the semester!! We did it, we managed to have a baby and three weeks later go back to school full time, breastfeed, get assignments done, and not go insane!!
  • Logan had to have 3 shots on Monday. He only cried for a few minutes. I handled it pretty well.
  • Grandpa Clark came to visit a few weeks ago. He was here for a week and I think Logan and grandpa were sad to see the week end...I think they really bonded.
  • He rolled over yesterday! I missed it though of course. He was on his stomach (yes, he sleeps on his stomach...sshhh) and I go to check on him and he is on his back looking up at me smiling. Little stinker!
  • Tomorrow Logan will see the ocean (gulf). We are taking a week long vacation to PCB. We rented a house on one of the lakes, just a mile or so from the beach. The dogs are going and they are going to love having the lake to swim in, well Dusty will...Dakota not so much.
  • Pete and I are doing great and we still manage to have dinner together every night...sometimes that does mean Logan is eating with us, but that's okay.
  • I am so looking forward to the next 3 months at home with Logan, unfortunately before I know it classes will be starting back up.
Well I am sure there is a ton of other things that have happened but I need to be going, lots of packing still to do. And finally just a post with pictures, up next!