Friday, May 7, 2010

Where has the time gone...

Out the window, that's where. My baby boy is now almost 11wks old! I just can't believe it. We had his 2mth checkup on Monday (just a few weeks late). He is doing so well. Here are my bullet updates:
  • He now weighs 13.3lbs - he wears mostly 6-9mth clothes. He is too long for most 3mth and the cloth diapers do give him a nice big booty.
  • He has been smiling and cooing for weeks now. I love his smile and he loves talking to anyone who will listen.
  • Sleep has been wonderful. Since about 4wks he has been going to bed around 9:00 and gets up somewhere from 4:00-6:30 and then usually falls asleep again until 8:30 or so. There are a few nights every once in a while where it's not as good but for the most part he sleeps great at night.
  • He is not a big napper though, but what do I expect, he gets all of his sleep at night.
  • We are still breastfeeding and I am little concerned my supply can't keep up with him now that I am feeding him during the day.
  • Why is that you ask - b/c I am finished with the semester!! We did it, we managed to have a baby and three weeks later go back to school full time, breastfeed, get assignments done, and not go insane!!
  • Logan had to have 3 shots on Monday. He only cried for a few minutes. I handled it pretty well.
  • Grandpa Clark came to visit a few weeks ago. He was here for a week and I think Logan and grandpa were sad to see the week end...I think they really bonded.
  • He rolled over yesterday! I missed it though of course. He was on his stomach (yes, he sleeps on his stomach...sshhh) and I go to check on him and he is on his back looking up at me smiling. Little stinker!
  • Tomorrow Logan will see the ocean (gulf). We are taking a week long vacation to PCB. We rented a house on one of the lakes, just a mile or so from the beach. The dogs are going and they are going to love having the lake to swim in, well Dusty will...Dakota not so much.
  • Pete and I are doing great and we still manage to have dinner together every night...sometimes that does mean Logan is eating with us, but that's okay.
  • I am so looking forward to the next 3 months at home with Logan, unfortunately before I know it classes will be starting back up.
Well I am sure there is a ton of other things that have happened but I need to be going, lots of packing still to do. And finally just a post with pictures, up next!

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Glad you guys are doing well!