Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Florida Vacation and Mother's Day

Our week long trip to Florida was wonderful! Logan did pretty good in the car as long as I was sitting in the backseat with him to give him a bottle or keep him entertained. We really didn't do a whole lot on this vacation. It was meant for relaxation and that was accomplished. We did go to the pool 4 days. Logan really enjoyed himself in the water. On Mother's Day we went to dinner and the Mister's parents, who were also in Florida for part of the time we were there, also went to dinner with us. Logan got me a beautiful nursing necklace that he can pull and tug on while he's nursing. It was a wonderful Mother's Day and I am so blessed to have such a great husband and a beautiful, happy and health son!

On this trip we learned just how much we like cloth diapers. We decided to use disposables on the trip and lets just say they didn't hold anything in for us. We went through a lot of clothing changes. Logan also finally started taking a paci. It definitely helps calm him down when he is sleepy and I can now lay him down in his crib and give him the paci and he falls right to sleep, wonderful accomplishment! We also saw him roll over during the trip. Pretty amazing!

So here are some pictures of our trip.

Logan enjoying the pool

He loves to talk and show us that adorable smile

Logan and his daddy having a morning smile and giggle fest

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Fine For Now said...

Girl you look great! Glad you had a great vaca!