Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Over the Rainbow

Logan and I made a trip to Kansas. It was time for Logan to meet his great grandparents, uncle and cousin. Logan did so well on the plane. He only had a few moments as we were landing, pretty sure he was having trouble with the pressure. Everyone thought he was adorable and couldn't believe he was only 3mths old b/c he holds his head up so strong and steady.

We had such a good time and Logan was definitely a hit with the grandparents. It was also great to see my neice again. She is such a cutie. So instead of writing a story here are some pictures from the trip. I am pretty sure the Mister was glad to have his son home too.

Logan with Grandma

My adorable niece Kynslee

Logan checking out the wildlife with Grandpa

Logan with Great Grandma

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