Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost Day Off

That's what I am calling today and almost day off from work. Yes besides just being an old college student I do hold down a job, not a hard job and not a job where I get paid very well but it is a job. I am an Admin/Office Manager for a 4 man IT company. This job is's pretty easy but I do stay busy most days. Today and tomorrow the guys are gone. They are driving down to FL to set up one of the new guys we just brought on down there. Yes this 4 man gig has offices even in FL, I am not sure how they do it.

Well I love it when I have the office to myself. I will spend almost the entire day surfing the internet. I wouldn't love my job if this was an every day occurrence b/c there is only so much I am interested in on this vast internet, but a day every now and then is perfect. So even though I still have to be at the office (actually in my bosses house, so I can even get some tv watching in) I wouldn't really consider what I am doing today or tomorrow as work. However I am still holding things down and every now and then taking care of some business but mostly this is my almost day off! Perfect!


Iva said...

Hi Ashley!! thank you for playing my trivia!!

yay for your almost day off :)

Ashley said...

Thanks iva! I loved the trivia, those were great clues...not too hard and easy enough to figure out.