Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Updates, Updates, and More Updates

I don't really even know where to begin since I, of course again, have been slacking on keeping up with my blog.

As a glance over at the countdown for TBone's arrival it informs me we have just 30 DAYS left, yes that's 30 DAYS!!! Wow, I just can't believe that is all the time we have left...give or take a few. 30 days, that's a month! Thankfully I think we are as ready as we can be for the little guy to arrive. And since my last post I have had two Dr's appointments and everything still looks great. Logan makes sure he reminds me he is still here with all of his movements, which is a great reassurance. Sometimes a little uncomfortable but I will take it. I just think it is so amazing and I actually love sharing it with anyone who is around when he does start moving :) The movements are usually large enough that they can see it, so no I am not having all these random people touching my stomach.

I am still feeling pretty comfortable and although I am ready to meet him, I am not ready to get him out. I could use some more sleep but it could be worse. And some nights are worse than others. I have resigned to the couch a few times in the last couple of weeks, it's easier to stay inclined on the couch and the acid reflux demands it some nights.

We have also had two baby showers! The first one was a couples shower on Jan 9th in Chattanooga. We had a great time and we received wonderful gifts and it was just nice seeing those we hadn't seen in awhile. The other shower was at the Mister's office on Jan 18th. It was a little awkward for me since I had only meet most of the people there once but we had a nice time and it was really thoughtful of them to have a shower for us. Again we got some great gifts and one of the girls made an awesome 3 tier cake for us which was really nice of her. One of these days, not promising when, I will have a post of just pictures since I really want to get some pictures up of all the activities and fun we have had lately.

I have also started classes again. I have three traditional classes and then two days when I am in a 1st grade class. This is just my second week in the 1st grade class but so far so good. It is definitely a different experience from my Kindergarten school but I am looking forward to having some different opportunities. It is going to be a crazy semester but the Mister and I are very thankful to have our families available to help during the time I go back to school. My plans are to have Logan and then return back to classes after taking 3 weeks off. I get some crazy looks when I tell people this, but I was assured by a professor, that they had someone do it last semester and took off the same amount of time and was able to do it.

The Mister and I also had a birth class on Saturday and it was so helpful and I still am not too anxious about labor/delivery. The class provided breathing techniques, positions, and some other great tips for having an unmedicated birth. The Mister is a little nervous about how much support he will be but I think once he is there in the moment he will have no problem stepping up and being a great birth coach/partner.

I know I am missing things that I wanted to talk about but I am at a loss as to what those things were so I am going to leave you now with my most recent belly picture. Which is another thing I have been slacking on, I was doing so good get a picture taken every week and well I missed some weeks in there...oops.


jrose35 said...

Hi Ashley! That is so cool you only have 30 days left I am so excited for you! We are planning a couples shower as well sometime in early May. Your two showers sound wonderful!! I am so sorry to hear about your acid reflux I am getting that as well and sleep with two pillows now to recline me. I wanted to let you know that we are having a little girl we are so overjoyed! So happy to hear you are near your due date and will be meeting Logan very soon! Can't wait to see pictures!

Fine For Now said...

Congrats on 30 days! Glad to hear your update and hope you can post more, but you sound really busy too :) Tomorrow I hit 35 days left! It's so exciting to be down to the end now!