Wednesday, November 11, 2009

One More Appointment Done

Unfortunately this post will have no pictures of my beautiful boy. Although I did get to see him and his wonderful, little heartbeat, the Dr. had other things on his mind (like the woman who was in labor at 34 weeks) and did not print out a picture. That's okay though, I was just glad to get a glimpse of my little man.

My appointment went pretty well as it can go when I have to give blood. I had the glucose test to do and I must say I thought the fruit punch (the flavor I had) actually was really not that bad especially if you like kool-aid. For those of you who don't know...I had to drink this in 5 mins and then an hour later they take your blood to see how you react to the sugar. If you fail it means that you could have gestational diabetes. If you fail the first test then you have to do a 3 hour sugar test. I was really hoping to pass with flying colors and not being a big sweets eater I thought I would. I found out when I got there it was only going to be a finger prick...this was even better! However with the blood from the finger prick I failed the test. Normal is 135 or lower and I was at 145. The nurse then said well we can take some blood from your arm because it is usually lower, ugh this is not what I wanted to hear. I am glad they did though because the number went down to 125! No gestational diabetes for this gal :)

However I did leave with all good news. My iron levels are a little low so they want me to start taking an iron supplement. For iron I should be at 35 or higher and at my first appointment I was at a 39. Now I am at a 32, which is quite a drop. I do know that I am not eating as much red meat as before. It just doesn't taste as good and this is odd for me who has always been know as a meat eater. I don't eat many vegetables and I don't like any fruit so I would say I am a meat and potatoes kind of girl but not since I've been pregnant. I guess I need to start adding some back into my diet. Other than that the appointment was good and I was out of there in record time.

For a little note on Logan :) The Dr. said he is no longer breech so he is hanging out upside down and I hope he stays that way. I don't want to worry about going into labor and him being in the wrong position. He is getting much stronger and is quite active at night. I can actually see my belly move with the kicks. Each kick is very reassuring except now it freaks me out a little on the days he is more quiet but I know he is just getting plenty of rest.

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Yay, glad the glucose test turned out well!