Wednesday, November 25, 2009


First I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!

Since I haven't posted in, oh.I don't know.forever, I thought I would do a quick updated of randomness.

1. I finished my Kindergarten placement last week and it was so sad to leave those kids. I really just loved everything about that experience. And for my last day my class threw me a surprise baby shower! The kids had all gotten me something. It was so sweet!

2. I am almost done with the semester!!!!! Unfortunately this means that I also have about 4 projects that I have to complete. 3 of which are due on Monday! Procrastinate much?

3. I am 26weeks right now and only one more week before I am in the 3rd Trimester!

4. Yesterday I did something I was sure I would not do during this pregnancy. I had a freak out and called the Dr, which lead to me having to go and be checked. The short version is me thinking I was leaking amniotic fluid when in actuality I just need to empty my bladder more often. No this does not mean that I wet my pants, but my dear husband would tell you otherwise. Thankfully Logan and I are both just fine.

5. We have also ordered the rocker for the nursery. This is our Christmas gift from my parents and I am so excited about getting it and have it set up in the nursery!

6. My grandparents also sent us the cradle we are going to use. It's the same cradle I used when I was a baby.

(I post pictures of both the cradle and the rocker on another post once we receive the rocker)

7. For Thanksgiving we will be spending the morning with some of the Mister's family and then driving down to Auburn to spend the rest of the day with some more of his family. We will stay in Auburn and tailgate for the Auburn v. Alabama game and then we will head home to watch the game here. The rest of the weekend will be spent finishing these projects.

The Mister and I have so much to be thankful for this year and I hope you all have lots to be thankful for too.

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steph said...

What? We're not your family too? Come on - we claim you not Pete!!