Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wow...22 Weeks!

This pregnancy is flying by. I still feel great and I am sleeping better than I was a couple of weeks ago. I am also feeling TBone move daily now. He is especially active when I am taking a bath, hopefully it's not because I am frying him. He can hear outside noises now. He is also about a foot long and could weight almost a whole pound now. From my home scale I have only gained 7 lbs but from my appointment a couple weeks ago they had it more at 9 but either way I am gaining at a normal pace. I still can't believe that by the end I will have gained between 25-35 lbs, wow!

The Mister and I got the light blue on the nursery walls this weekend and I think it looks fabulous and once it's done it will look even better. I still have an orange and navy blue stripe to add. Here is a picture of the newly painted nursery and a picture of what the stripe will kind of look like.

Here's a new belly picture too since I haven't posted one in awhile. Exactly 22 Weeks and growing. Oh and DH noticed a dark line under my belly button today, I of course can't see it unless I look really closely in the mirror and it is still pretty light. This is called a linea negra and it's just a dark line some pregnant women get but it does go away a couple months after the baby is born.


Ruby said...

What is the name of that color and paint?? It looks like an icy blue instead of "baby" blue and the icy blue is what I'm going for as one of the colors in our nursery

Ruby said...

By the way, you look fabulous!!

Ash said...

Everything looks great! I am glad you are feeling so well:)

Ashley said...

Ruby - The color is Offshore Mist, it's a Behr Ultra Primer in Paint color. I agree it is more icy blue. I got samples of two other blues but they were definitely more baby blue and looked like bubble gum (not what I was going for). I love this color and it really looks good on the walls.

Fine For Now said...

#1 You look great!

#2 The nursery is looking good!

#3 I have the linea negra too, which is very light, but is going all the way from under belly button from the bottom of the belly past my belly button to the top of my belly!

sarah said...

Both you and the room look adorable!

I got the dark line too, and I actually still have it! It is much lighter, but not all the way gone. They told me it stays longer if you breast feed.