Monday, October 12, 2009

A Boy, A Healthy Baby Boy!!

Well since I didn't have time the other day I wanted add another post about the great day Friday turned out to be. The Mister and I are so so excited about having a boy and even more excited that the little guy is healthy and growing and very active. I was so nervous before the appointment because I still don't really think I am feeling any movement, so to see him moving around was such a wonderful sight! I also got to hear the heartbeat for the very first time and it was so strong and fast. The ultrasound lasted about 40 minutes and they went over all the body parts so I saw the brain, the heart, fingers and toes, two kidneys and the spine. Everything looked great at least from what I could tell. Since the Mister couldn't make the appointment I asked if they would put the gender results into an envelope that we would open together later. So when that time came she had me close my eyes and took a picture. When I left the hospital I called the Mister to let him know how the appointment went and he couldn't wait so he had me open it. And there was a great ultrasound picture of a little boy!

That night we went to Birmingham and I went to Sip n Strokes with Stephanie (you should check out her blog - she has great recipes) and we painted Aubie the Auburn Tiger. My Aubie will go in my son's room! I was so excited to be able to paint something for his room. I think it looks pretty good. The next day the Mister and I also bought the little guy his first clothing item, two Auburn onesies :) Can you tell we are Auburn fans!?


Fine For Now said...

Wow that is a really great profile shot of the baby! Congrats again on the boy, how exciting :)

Chris said...

Congrats! maybe our boys can wrestle or something!