Monday, October 5, 2009

Okay...I am a blog slacker

I hate missing my weekly updates but I have plenty of excuses :) Really week 18 wasn't that exciting and week 19 will be very much the same but still the baby is changing constantly. The baby is really moving around in there, however I am not entirely sure I am feeling any of those movements yet. Sometimes I think maybe I felt something or was that the baby? but I convince myself it couldn't have been. Most women describe it feeling like a gas bubble but it doesn't seem like a very good description for us who haven't felt that yet well besides it actually being a gas bubble.

So why have I been missing? Well I am really into the middle of the semester and I have a ton of projects to do. I usually have several things due a week and these are usually really large assignments that use some creativity and lots of time. I also started my Kindergarten placement last week and I am loving it. I love the 5 year olds and there is some more structure instead of just constant play time like in Pre-K. I am actually in a private school and there are only 12 students in my class. It's going to provide a great opportunity for me to learn and have some really good experience. This week I already have two lesson I have to do. Busy, busy, busy.

I am also trying to read more pregnancy books. Right now I am working on "From the Hips" and "the Modern Girl's Guide to Motherhood". I really like them both, full of wonderful information.

This past weekend I spent Saturday in Chattanooga, while the Mister went to the AU v. TN game in Knoxville. I had a great time hanging with my best girl Jen! We chatted, had Mexican for dinner, made cookies, had a fire going in the fire pit, and watched a movie. It was a great afternoon and night!

Friday is the big reveal!!! and we are also going to Birmingham. The Mister's cousin, Amber, is getting married on Saturday. We will stay with his other cousins, Stephanie and Tadd, Friday night. Steph and I are going to Sip n Strokes!! and the Mister and Tadd are going to the Widespread Panic concert. It is going to be another great weekend!

So that's all I have at the moment. My next post will be an update on whether our TBone is going to be a boy or a girl. Keep your fingers crossed that the little one cooperates for us.

Oh one more thing...the Mister started a new job today! I am really excited for him. It gets him more in line with what he really wants to be doing. I really think he is going to be great at it and will provide enough challenge for him. It's a smaller company and I think it will be a good fit for him too. He is happy and excited about it so that makes it even better!

Okay, now I am really finished.


pinkflipflops said...

I am currently teaching developmental kindergarten and I lvoe it as well. Gotta love 5 year olds!

steph said...

Looking forward to seeing you guys Friday. I can't wait to find out if you are having a "T-Bone" or "Petie Filet"!

Fine For Now said...

How exciting, you've got a lot going on!!

Can't wait to hear if it's blue or pink for you!

We have two more weeks till we find out, ugh!

sarah said...

Can't wait for the results!!

Also, I answered your question about the baby carrier on my blog, but the one I use is a bjorn and I LOVE it! Hope that helps a little.