Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Really....A Baby?!?!?!

I can't believe it! Just when you least expect it and start to think it is going to be a long road, you wind up pregnant. Okay I understand this doesn't happen for everyone. However this month it did happen...for us!!

That's right...we are expecting!! I really apologize for going missing but I didn't want to post anything else besides this and I had to wait until at least tell my family knew before I could tell the internet world. The Mister and I are so excited...and shocked!! But mostly just excited! I am 5 weeks and 4 days. I know it's early but I want to remember every moment!

We found out two Saturdays ago, the day before Father's Day! I wasn't expecting to see a positive come up on the stick but thought I better test anyways because we were going to the lake and auntflo still hadn't shown up. The Mister actually went to the store and bought the pregnancy test for me so I could finish getting our stuff together for the lake. We both just stood there in disbelief. Especially the Mister...he kept saying we needed to wait the full two minutes because what if it wasn't right. I said you don't get a positive and then it disappear but he had to be certain. So we waited and then finally he looked at me and said "You're Pregnant!"

We told his parents on Father's Day when they came down to visit. Then I sent my parents and grandparents cards and a poem. Everyone is really excited. I still don't believe it most days but it is sinking in a little more each day. Especially now that I am constipated, a little nauseous (started today), and extremely tired. Sounds great doesn't it...well actually it helps me know that the little bean is snuggling in for awhile.

So right now at 5 weeks, the baby is no bigger than a raisin, has a heartbeat and the vocal cords are forming! Pretty amazing!

Well I don't want to completely bore you with all of this so I will save the rest for later.


pinkflipflops said...


sarah said...

YAY!!! So excited for you guys! Congrats

Fine For Now said...

Hi! Found you from Hetta Hoo! I think I'm 1-2 weeks behind you in pregnancy...congratulations!

Ashley said...

Thanks for the congratulations you all!

Iva said...

omg!!! this is such great news!! I am so happy for you. You are in my thoughts!!!


Ashley said...

Thanks Iva! I remember very well your first comment to my Baby Fever post and you basically told me that life has a way of making things happen when it's time. I guess you were right!