Thursday, June 18, 2009

Alone...In A Good Way

I love the Mister...very very much and really enjoy spending time with him; but just every now and then I really enjoy a night at home alone. Tonight is my night alone! The Mister went to go see a movie tonight with a buddy and I have had all this time to myself. It's not like I do a whole lot or anything special. It's just time I get to spend doing what I want to do :-)

So what is it I do? Well I catch up on my stories...yes I record every single episode of All My Children. I only get to watch them when the Mister is not around...he isn't a big fan, I don't know why ;-). I have been watching this show since 6th grade, my babysitter got me hooked. I also sit in the Mister's chair. Yes he has his own chair, don't all husbands? He loves his chair and I do too, just don't get to sit in it very often. I eat whatever I want, really that means I get to have popcorn for dinner! And I have also spent the entire night on the web.

I love these nights...I don't need them often just a few times a month. Do you all enjoy nights without the husband and the kids to hang out at home in peace?

**Oh and by the way we are still getting up every morning for our run. We started week two again because we just weren't quite ready to move to week three, but we will be!

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pinkflipflops said...

I hear ya!!! Totally love my nights alone. I had one on Wednesday and it was bliss!!