Wednesday, July 15, 2009

7 weeks and 1st Appointment

Sorry that my posts have become a rare weekly occurrence. I was even given an award from the wonderful pinkflipflops. I really need to post my thread for that. But my excuses are that I have been extremely busy with school. This is my last week for the summer classes and next week are finals so of course everything has been due this week.

But the news I am really excited about sharing is about our little T-Bone! He is now 7w4d is perfect! Today we had our first appointment and ultrasound. I am really going to like the Dr except I may have to get use to being there for many hours at a 3-4. Yes the disadvantage of going to a one-man office is that since he sees all his patients he can get a little behind. While we were there a pregnant lady came in with an emergency. They actually ended up admitting her into the hospital. So you can't really be that upset about waiting. It's nice to know that if it were you that you would be taken care of.

The first thing was to have a pregnancy test done and thankfully I wasn't imagining things and I am actually pregnant. Then they took 4 vials of blood...ugh! We met with a med student first who took just some basic information. Then we were finally able to visit with the Dr. I really didn't have many questions so we got on to the fun things. I had an audience for the exam. The mister was there, the Dr, and then 3 med students. They of course asked if I was okay with it and I had no problem with it. I found out that I am hyper-reflexive...they seemed pretty impressed by this :)

Sorry to bore you with those details...just don't want to forget anything. Now to the fun part...the ultrasound. First we saw my very full bladder, thanks Doc for pushing so hard on my stomach during the exam :) Then the yolk sac appeared and I saw no baby so I think my heart stopped for a moment, but then there it was. Right away you could see the heartbeat just flickering away! It was the most amazing thing ever! T-Bone was looking right at us so you can see the little black spots where the eyes are. T-Bone is also right on target for the the due date of Feb 27, 2010...which is the date I had already figured. Of course this doesn't mean a whole lot.

After the appointment the Mister and I grabbed some lunch and then dropped him back off at work. My boss was nice and gave me the rest of the day off or I guess I really only had an hour and a half left of my work day if I had gone back. But that was still nice of him.

So not what you have all been waiting for...the beautiful T-Bone! Just to help direct you in what you are looking at...the baby is on the right and the head is on top. T-Bone is looking right at you so those little black spots on the head are his eyes.


The Ashes said...

I can actually see it!!
I can never see anything in sonogram pictures. haha

pinkflipflops said...

yay baby!!!!! love ultrasound pics!

Fine For Now said...

Awww! Sounds like it went well! My appointment was yesterday too! Except I come back for an ultrasound July 30 :o)

steph said...

How exciting! I'm glad you weren't imagining things! We love the name T-Bone (as that is one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes - you are probably too young to know what I am talking about, so ask Old Man Pete)

Ashley said...

"Fine for Now" - I was wondering how your appt went. I'm glad it went well and July 30 will be here before you know it. Did the Dr. confirm a due date for you?

Stephanie - I personally have not seen this episode but it is also one of Pete's favorite episodes :)

Iva said...

YAY! little cutie!

Janelle said...

Beautiful already. :)

Glad you like Doc T. I personally love him, but realize he isn't for everyone. :)

steph said...

I put a countdown on

You have 225 days to go!

tiff said...

Yay Ash! I'm so excited for you! I hope the babysitter you were refering to in your All My Children post wasn't me! :)