Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 14 and Week 15

Yes I have been quite the slacker with my blogging and I apologize. School has started back up for me and I have been extremely busy. I knew the semester was going to be time consuming I just didn't anticipate how time consuming. Because of this I missed posting about week 14. School is going great though and I spend 2 days in a Pre-K classroom which I am really enjoying. I do know thought that Pre-K is not what I want to be teaching but spending 6 weeks there isn't too bad. The next 6 weeks I will be in a Kindergarten class for 2 days. I don't expect there to be as much play time as there is in Pre-K. I am also taking 4 classes and between them all I have about 30 some projects that will be due this semester. So this is my excuse for not getting on here earlier.

Now from week 14 to week 15 TBone has grown from the size of a lemon to the size of an orange, approximately 4 inches long and 2.5 ounces. TBone's legs are longer than the arms now and he is moving around quite a bit. Unfortunately I haven't felt any movement but it could happen any time now. Oh and TBone is actually urinating inside me by now. How crazy is that? I just think that is crazy and pretty funny.

TBone has his first flight this last weekend to Kansas and he did amazingly well. None of the other passengers could complain about this little one, he was perfect :) (I will post another blog about my trip to Kansas). I had a little bump to show the family but the next time they see me at Christmas I probably actually be looking pregnant and not just like I have been eating way too much. From the scale it appears that I have gained 2-3lbs now.

Today I started cleaning up the guest room to make room for the office equipment that will be moving in there. I am really ready to start decorating the nursery but definitely have some clean out to do before I can get there. I figure the 2 trimester is the best time for this since supposedly the 3rd trimester the fatigue kicks back into high gear.

Well until next time.

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Fine For Now said...

Yay, that will be fun to start on the nursery!