Thursday, September 24, 2009

17 Weeks Has Come and Almost Gone

I can't believe that this week is almost over. I really don't have much news on the baby front. I am hoping to start feeling some movement soon. TBone is the size of an onion now or the size of most face wash tubes. Yes I am trying to find things that make a little bit more sense to me.

I am finding that I am really enjoying being pregnant. I am so thankful that things have been actually pretty easy for me - though I still have another half to come. I am loving the curves too and not having to worry about having that flat stomach.

I am just so excited for October 9th to get here quickly. I am ready to find out what the baby is and just making this even more real for the Mister and I.

Well I really don't have much else. The sun is shining today and it is beautiful out! I also want to wish my mom a Happy Birthday!!

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nancy drew said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes - it was a good one! Love you, Mom