Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rain...Are You Ever Going To Go Away

Don't get me wrong I am thrilled that we are no longer in a very serious drought, actually we aren't in a drought at all now. We had a very unusually raining summer and it looks like the fall could be the same. It has rained for days now, I'm not sure how long really but I do know that I haven't seen the sun in awhile. It has been so gloomy. I used to love the rain. It Kansas it seemed liked it would come and then leave quickly. Maybe I don't remember things correctly but I don't remember rain for days and days.

Then yesterday we had plans to go to the Auburn football game well at least go tailgate and then go sit at a house and watch the game. The chance of rain was 50% - 60% but we were okay with that and were going to have fun anyways. The car was packed, the food and beer (not for me) was in the cooler and we were on our way. We left Atlanta and it was pouring! We got onto the interstate and not 5 minutes from our house we were slowing down. Fortunately that went quickly and was just a stalled car. So we kept on going. Oh but then we hit more traffic and we were at an almost complete stop. We made it 20 miles from our house in an hour and this was with a detour that we took that was suppose to be quicker, however it was also backed up because the road was so flooded. Needless to say we decided that maybe it wasn't meant to be and we turned around, eventually, and went back home.

Of course it ended up being very nice in Auburn for the tailgating and we would have been cozy and comfortable in a house when they finally had their downpour. We were pretty bummed but had our own tailgating party here at home and still enjoyed watching the game, which was a great one I might add. War Eagle!

I don't think the rain is going to be moving on any time soon either. From what the paper said yesterday, "Rain in the Forecast Forever". it could be here for....well, forever. Yes seriously it said that there was rain in the forecast forever. The weather channel says at least 4-5 more days anyways. Ugh.

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steph said...

We missed you Saturday! It was humid at the tailgate but we made it back to the house just before the rain (thankgoodness!). Tadd took Patsy's ticket - she didn't want to brave the weather.