Monday, August 24, 2009

Second Trimester!

So this week marked a new milestone...I am officially in the 2nd Trimester at 13 weeks! TBone is now the size of a peach. I'm not sure why the website I get this information from needs to compare the baby to a fruit every week. Anyways TBone is no longer an embryo but is actually a fetus. He also has eyelids and could also be sucking his thumb. I feel so good right now if it wasn't for my pants getting smaller, okay maybe it's that my belly is getting bigger (which you will see below), I wouldn't even know I was pregnant. I have my energy back and I have to say that really my 1st trimester wasn't too bad. It could have been much worse. I am looking forward to the 2nd trimester because as I have heard it is suppose to be the best trimester of your pregnancy.

I have also become much more open about telling people that I am pregnant. Even though I still don't really like the attention I am enjoying telling people the news. I have noticed that
when people ask how far along I am I answer in weeks and today I realized maybe I should respond in months since most people associate pregnancy in months and not weeks. I know before I was pregnant I would have had no idea what 13 weeks meant. Well that was a little randomness.

So since I really noticed a difference in my belly yesterday I thought I could post a new belly picture. I really hope this growing belly slows down some and I'm not sure how it has gotten so large and according to my calculations I have only gained 2 pounds.


The Ashes said...

Awwhh!! You are definitely getting a baby bump!
How is that only 2 lbs?!

Fine For Now said...

Cute! That makes sense about telling people in months, I'll have to remember that :)