Monday, April 27, 2009

Finals Week

Yep, it's my last week of the semester! I had one final last week and this week I have a Puppet Show and three other finals. Usually I am more stressed when this week comes along, this time around I just want it over. At the moment I think I have 4-A's and 1-B and I am pretty sure I can't really screw that up so I am not going to stress.

Of course this weekend when I should have been studying I spent my time outside enjoying the beautiful weather. Saturday we worked in the yard and the Mister dug up a huge root that was sticking up in the yard. It was quite an ordeal with chainsaws, sledgehammer, 2x4 and a shovel...but he managed to get the thing out! Then Sunday a little more yard work and that afternoon we went to the Inman Park Festival and had a great time. We had bought tickets for the Tour of Homes...WOW...these houses were amazing!

But now it's back to the real world and tomorrow I am sure the stress of finals will finally rear its ugly head and I will be frantically trying to remember everything I have learned during the semester.

Oh and I have now been blogging for a week and my goal this week is to actually let other bloggers know that I am following them, instead of staying behind the scenes, I am going to expose myself...scary!

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