Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm Here

I really can't believe I am starting a blog. It's not like my life is all that interesting...actually it is quite the opposite. However I find myself reading and enjoying the blogs about people's everyday activities. So here I am, in the land of blogs.

I will have plenty to write regarding school, since I am 26 and still working on my bachelors. There will also be some discussion about babies, because I am impatiently waiting to have my own. Of course the thing holding us back is me being in school. Then there will probably be some rants and raves about being married, which is coming up on 4 years. I think I am interesting enough to at least find something to write about, even if it's not that interesting to anyone else.

I am going to conclude my first post and hopefully I don't completely bore those who stumble upon my thoughts.

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