Sunday, September 12, 2010

6 Months...About Time!

Wow, am I behind. Logan's been 6 months now, for oh I don't even no how long...too long and I am too behind. The month of August was crazy busy and September hasn't slowed down any for us either. Let's start with his stats for 6 months:

Weight: 18lbs 13.5oz - 73.93%
Height: 27.6in - 75.78%
Head Circum: 17.8in - 87.58%

So even with the delay during 3/4months, Logan still caught up and doubled his weight at 6 months! This was wonderful news!

What have we been up to - Logan had a month of getting to see lots of family. The first of August my Uncle Bryan and Aunt Julie, along with cousins Taylor, Riley and Garrett all stayed with us for a night. They were on their way to Orlando and took a pit stop at our house. It was the first time for them to meet Logan. It was a really nice visit and we were so glad to have them stay and spend some time with us. Then a couple weeks later the 3 of us went to Chattanooga and met Grandma and Grandpa Clark. They were driving through on their way to Gatlinburg. We spent Saturday morning and early afternoon with them. Logan was 4 months old when they saw him last and he has changed so much so it was fun for them to see him. We of course wish that the visit could have been longer but we are thankful that we had the time with them anyway. That weekend Pete and I also celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary! It doesn't feel like 5 years, it has gone by so fast. The end of the month my mom came to visit for a weekend. We had a great time and she got lots of Logan time in.

Now for the list of what else Logan has been up to (since it is all about him now :)) He is doing more now but I want to try and just recall what he was doing from 5-6months so I don't get confused.
  • He sits up like a pro now and needs no help or support
  • He gets up on his hands and knees, rocking back and forth, thinking about crawling
  • He rolls from his back to his stomach now
  • He had his first swim in the lake while we were in Chattanooga. He hung out in a float and was happy as could be
  • We are still working on solids with him. He has had the following: squash, avocado, asparagus, watermelon, peach, banana and lemon. He really hasn't loved any of it.
  • He does love water and will basically yank the water glass from my hand to get him some. It is really funny how much he loves it
  • Still no signs of teeth. I am sure he won't be toothless forever though so I am in no hurry for teeth
  • His favorite activity is his Jump and Go. He will hang out in it for a good 30 minutes and jump and jump and jump.
  • When he starts crying in the car I can almost always get him to stop by singing my own version of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands"
  • He has gone swinging in the baby swings a few times now at the park also. He acts pretty sober in them but I think he is just really relaxed
That's about all. It has been so long and he is really already more developed but that will be for next time.

Since I am always on the wrong computer to post pictures, here is the link to get all the Logan pictures your heart desires,

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