Thursday, July 22, 2010

5 Months

It doesn't even seem possible that Logan is now 5 months old, officially on Wednesday. I have to say that this may be my favorite stage so far. His personality is really coming through. I would say he is now 90% happy, eating or sleeping and just 10% (if that) upset. He loves his mama and daddy so much.

So what's new:
  • He sits by himself! Still a little unstable and I have to be there to catch him when he begins to fall over but I am sure within a few weeks he is going to be a pro.
  • He giggles and laughs at us and with us all the time. We have found his tickle spots and I can't get enough of those giggles.
  • He has his own chair at the table and sits with us while we eat. He just stares and smiles at us. It is the cutest thing.
  • Every day when Logan sees his daddy walk through the door he gets the biggest smile on his face. It is so sweet that he recognizes us (he has for awhile but now it is so obvious).
  • He wakes up at 6:20 almost on the dot every morning. I then bring him into bed with me and we sleep for another hour or two. I am really going to miss this when I have to get up to get ready for class.
  • We haven't really started food, but he has now tasted spinach, asparagus, and green beans. The green beans were his favorite and actually swallowed a few pieces. The asparagus and spinach came back out with drool.
  • He loves drinking out of my water glass. He has his own sippy cup but hasn't figured out that he needs to suck instead of chew on the tip.
  • He talks to us all the time now, lots of blowing bubbles and mmmm's.
  • He takes sink baths now without fussing. This is nice because now Pete and I don't have to bath or shower with him.
  • His sleep schedule changes weekly, well almost daily, so I can't really say what he is sleeping at night. This week it's once a night, last week it was every hour. Hopefully this week continues longer.
  • I have begun to wean him from breastfeeding during the day. He will still nurse for naps and then nurses at night. He gets formula during the day and this will be his schedule after I return to school. I decided I couldn't do another semester of pumping. He still gets the benefits of breast milk and the benefit of me not pumping. I feel it's the best thing for us to do at this time.
  • I still love breastfeeding. It's our time that we share together. He loves it to and is always the best soother when he starts getting fussy.
  • He can hold his own bottle now. He needs some help towards the end when you really have to tip it up.
  • Logan loves his doggies and boy do they love him. They especially love licking the drool of his face.

Logan has brought so much joy to our lives. It is hard to have a bad day when there is such a sweet face looking up and smiling at you constantly. I am sure there is more but this is a good start.

My goal is to start posting more about our days. We don't do a lot but we do go swimming or on walks, lots of tummy time and batting at toys. He's even been to the top of Stone Mountain.

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